Byron Scott Accepts 4-Year Deal With Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers' search for Mike Brown's replacement has officially come to an end with the hiring of Byron Scott.

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Byron Scott Agrees To 4-Year Deal With Cavs

Byron Scott has agreed to a four-year deal with the Cavs, which means he’s here with or without LeBron James.

This is great news.


Scott Agrees To Coach Cavaliers

The deal is done, except for a few minor details. That according to Cavaliers blog Fear The Sword -

Scott’s agent Brian McInerney said in an e-mail that the sides are working through some final details, but that Scott has agreed to become Cleveland’s next coach — with or without free agent LeBron James.

The team is expected to announce Scott’s hiring later on Thursday.

With a coach in place, the Cavaliers can now focus on retaining James and building a Championship team.


REPORTS: Byron Scott To Be Cleveland Cavaliers Next Head Coach

Last night, it looked like Brian Shaw was the "front-runner" to be the next head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers.  My, how quickly and dramatically things can change.  Tonight, multiple reports state that former New Jersey Nets and New Orleans Hornets coach Byron Scott is now on track to be the team's next head coach.

 Chris Broussard of tweeted it first Wednesday evening.

The Cavaliers are in contract negotiations with Byron Scott. He will be the club's next head coach.less than a minute ago via web

Sam Amick of tweeted similar information soon after.

Brian Shaw's agent, Jerome Stanley, tells FanHouse that he withdrew his name from consideration this afternoon.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck


Brian Windhorst of the Cleveland Plain-Dealer tweeted a similar report just minutes later.

After a series of meetings today the #Cavs have started contract talks with Byron Scott. No deal is done yet but sides moving that way.less than a minute ago via web


Head over to SB Nation's Fear The Sword for all the latest Cavs talk.


Byron Scott Has Not Received Offer; Camp Seems Upset

The Cleveland Cavaliers denied rumors Tuesday that they’ve made the decision to make Los Angeles Lakers’ assistant Brian Shaw their next head coach.

The other leading candidate, Byron Scott (and agent Brian McInerney), seems to believe that Shaw is the choice, however, according to a report from AOL Fanhouse’s Sam Amick.

In an e-mail to Fanhouse, McInerney had harsh words about the Cavs' coaching search.

“We assumed that due [to] a week of miscommunications with the organization, which continually required on the record correcting, (Cavaliers general manager) Chris Grant was aware of our disappointment in media driven coaching search. As a week of ‘corrected’ media reports from ‘our camp’ indicated, we did not appreciate Cavalier executives going ‘off the record’ and creating incorrect news with writers, or at least as was repeatedly told to us by those journalists,” McInerney, wrote FanHouse.

“There was no offer or contract to withdraw, so issuing a statement that one was being withdrawn only gave credence to a fictional story. There was no reason to speak to LeBron James since there was nothing to discuss.”

McInerney also issued the following statement on behalf of his client, leaving no mystery as to who Scott’s camp think is the next head coach of the Cavaliers:

“Coach Scott welcomes Coach Shaw into the ranks of head coaching, and as a Laker family brother, wishes him the best, until the final two minutes of any game where they are competing against each other.”


Windhorst: Cavs Have Not Officially Offered Job To Anyone Yet

After Brian Shaw’s agent told the L.A. Times earlier today that Shaw was close to accepting a deal, Brian Windhorst posted this to his Twitter account:

Sources: the #Cavs will not name a coach today, are not in contract talks with a coach and have not officially offered job to anyone as yet.

So, is Shaw close to accepting a gig that he wasn’t he offered yet? Nonetheless, with the Cavs having brought Shaw in for a meeting, it still seems likely that he’s the leading candidate to be the team’s next head coach.


Windhorst: Shaw Deal Not Official, But 'He's The Guy'

Brian Windhorst just posted this message to his Twitter account:

Brian Shaw still is not officially #Cavs coach, sources say, but becoming pretty obvious he’s the guy once contract is worked out.

In addition, Shaw’s agent told the L.A. Times via text message that Shaw is “close to accepting deal.”

It’s only a matter of time before Shaw is the next coach of the Cavaliers.


Fanhouse Reporting The Cavs And Shaw Are Close To A Deal

Sam Amick of has reported via Twitter that the Cavaliers are close to naming current Los Angeles Lakers assistant Brian Shaw their next Head Coach.

More information to come…


Cleveland Cavaliers Coaching Search Down To Byron Scott And Brian Shaw

The Cleveland Cavaliers have been looking for a coach since May 25 when they fired former Coach of the Year Mike Brown.

It appears, now, that they will have his replacement before the NBA’s free agency season begins on July 1.

Brian Shaw is scheduled to interview with the Cavs this afternoon as well as Tuesday morning before Cleveland decides between him and fellow candidate Byron Scott according to AOL Fanhouse’s Sam Amick.

Of course, as with everything this offseason, Amick reports that a LeBron James angle is present with both candidates.

The question of which coach could have more sway in convincing James to return to Cleveland is unknown, as both fit the coaching qualification of a former player that sources say James prefers. James inquired about Scott with close friend Chris Paul weeks ago, asking the New Orleans point guard about his time spent with Scott. Considering Paul has referred to Scott as a father figure, it’s a safe assumption it was a positive conversation.

Sources say Shaw, represented by his long-time agent Jerome Stanley, might have the subtle backing of William Wesley, the James associate who knows Shaw well from time spent around the Shaquille O’Neal-led Orlando Magic teams of the mid-1990s.


Cavs Receive Permission To Talk To Lakers Assistant Brian Shaw

It’s unclear where the Cleveland Cavaliers are in their ongoing talks with Byron Scott, but Associated Press writer Tom Withers reports that the Cavs have been granted permission to talk to Los Angeles Lakers assistant Brian Shaw.

Lakers spokesman said Cavs were granted permission to speak with Shaw “a couple days ago.”

Shaw won 3 titles as player with Lakers, 2 as coach. He’s expected to be candidate to replace Phil Jackson if Zen Master retires.

If Shaw was to leave Los Angeles for Cleveland, it’d seem that also means that Phil Jackson will be coaching another season for the Lakers.


Byron Scott the front-runner for Cavaliers job?

Byron Scott was on ESPN to talk about tonight’s Game 7 between the Lakers and Celtics when he was asked about the Cavaliers head coaching position and his apparent candidacy. While Scott didn’t divulge much information, he did say that there was mutual interest.

“We’ve had some informal conversations obviously and we’re looking to take it a little bit further”

Sounds mysterious!


Report: Cavaliers Plan Second Interview With Bryon Scott

Brian Windhorst reports on Twitter that the Cavaliers have shifted the focus of their coaching search to former Laker great Byron Scott. 

According to sources, #Cavs planning to have second interview with Byron Scott sometime within next week.less than a minute ago via web


This is good news..I like Scott.


Izzo Turns Down Cavaliers, Says He Will Remain At Michigan State 'For Life'

The Michigan State Spartans have sent out a press release announcing Tom Izzo's decision to forego the Cleveland Cavaliers offer to become their next head coach and instead will remain in Lansing.

Izzo's comments in the release make it seem like his decision truly wasn't an easy process.

"It's been an agonizing week as I tried to make a decision about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I apologize for the time the process has taken, but sometimes there are opportunities that come about that must be thoroughly examined. I'm no different than any other successful coach in that I've had multiple inquiries before, but this one was uniquely intriguing. There was a lot of information to gather and consider and some of it wasn't easily obtainable. But when making a life decision, I owed it to myself and my family to do my due diligence. From that I never wavered. And I'm pleased to say I am here for life at Michigan State.

"Throughout the entire process, Dan Gilbert and the entire Cleveland organization has been nothing but class. His professionalism and caring nature for me, my family and Michigan State have been impressive. I wish him nothing but the best in his quest to win a world championship. Just as I decided to stay home, I hope a 6-8, 270-pound forward in Cleveland decides to stay home.

Regarding that last sentence, it seems Mr. LeBron James didn't give him any sort of clear indication that he'll be staying in Cleveland.

This coincides with various internet reports, specifically the Plain-Dealer's Brian Windhorst.

It is official, Izzo to stay at MSU. Makes perfect sense w/o LeBron commitment. Moral: Hard to leave home, even if it means doubling salary.

When #Cavs fired Mike Brown they knew they were behind 8 ball b/c of LeBron uncertainty. Gilbert tried to swing for fence w/ $. Didn't work.


Tom Izzo Reportedly Has Decided To Stay At Michigan State

As reported SB Nation Detroit:

Both WDIV and WXYZ in Detroit are reporting that Tom Izzo has decided to stay at Michigan State as head coach of the Spartans. There reportedly will be a press conference at 7 p.m. tonight to officially announce the decision, although the Detroit News’ Eric Lacy reports that no presser has been at MSU yet.

Izzo had been debating whether or not to take the Cleveland Cavaliers job for the last week, so finally this saga has come to an end. Although it included many interesting twists and indicated that this was the closest Izzo ever came to leaving for a job in the NBA, it’s really not too surprising he decided to stay at MSU. From the very beginning I had my doubts that he would actually leave, mainly because the timing of everything just didn’t work out, both with the whole LeBron James thing and the fact that the team he has coming back to MSU next year will be a contender for a national title.

Is Byron Scott now the favorite?


LeBron Would Support Hiring Of Izzo

LeBron James doesn’t want to be involved and the Cavaliers aren’t asking his opinion, allegedly, but that hasn’t stopped word from leaking that James would ‘100% Endorse’ Tom Izzo as Cavaliers Head Coach -

According to a high-level source, James would endorse the Cavs’ hiring Michigan State head coach Tom Izzo.

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert said last week that James is not involved in the search for a replacement for Mike Brown, but sources have indicated James approves of the highly-respected Izzo. James also said in an interview with Larry King that he doesn’t want to be heavily involved with selecting his next coach.

But James “100 percent” would endorse Izzo’s hiring, the source said.

As Cavaliers blog Fear The Sword points out, this all might be LeBron’s way to let Izzo know it would be ok – perhaps even a good idea – to take the Cavaliers job.,


Byron Scott Interviewed For Cavs Head Coaching Position

While waiting for Tom Izzo to make a decision, the Cleveland Cavaliers interviewed former NBA player and coach Byron Scott.

His agent, Brian McInerney, talked to Fanhouse's Sam Amick this afternoon.

"They asked him what his view was on championships, talked about his mentality that you either win or you come home on your shield trying," McInerney said. "That being said, everything (information-wise) should go through the team."

Scott, who has long been rumored to want to take over for the Los Angeles Lakers' Phil Jackson when he retires, could be a favorite of LeBron James.

FanHouse learned that the Cavs star and free-agent-to-be inquired about Scott to Paul weeks ago, a possible indication that James has interest in Scott as his coach either for the Cavs or elsewhere. James is believed to prefer to play under a coach who has played in the league.

The question of whether Scott would take the job without James on the roster remains without an answer as well. The Inglewood native has been known to have a strong preference to stay on the West Coast, having lost touch with so many family and friends through the years coaching in New Jersey and Louisiana.

No decision is expected to be made until Izzo makes his decision.


SOURCE: Izzo Leaning Towards Taking Cavs Job

ESPN is reporting that Tom Izzo is leaning towards accepting the Cavaliers head coaching job, if it is offered. There seems to be some confusion on whether or not Izzo has officially been offered the job.

While talk of a 5-year/$30 million offer have been widespread, it seems that former Nets and Hornets coach Byron Scott is still very much involved in the search.


Byron Scott Could Get Interview Later This Week

The Cavaliers seem intent on making Tom Izzo their next Head Coach. If they fail to persuade him to leave Michigan State, however, it appears Byron Scott could be next on the list.

According to, Scott is actually on equal footing with Izzo in the eyes of the Cavaliers.

Scott, who has coached the New Jersey Nets and the New Orleans Hornets, has spoken with members of the Cavaliers’ front office for the past few days and late Wednesday night, the talks took on a more serious nature. Scott is expected to have a formal interview with the team before the end of this weekend.

It could be the Cavaliers are making sure they have an insurance policy in case Izzo’s flirtations end they way they always have, with him staying at MSU.

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