Primetime Special Will Cap LeBron James Free Agency

The Who, What, Where, When, How and Why on LeBron James' Free Agency.

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LeBron Rents Six Cabanas For South Beach Party

Even US Weekly is getting in on all the LeBron James fun. The entertainment magazine is reporting that James is planning a huge bash on South Beach this weekend welcoming himself to his new team and city.

LeBron James has rented six cabanas at the W Hotel South Beach this weekend to celebrate his team decision, two sources confirm to

That adds more fuel to the fire that James, 25, will announce he’s joining the Miami Heat Thursday night, as several insiders told ESPN this morning.

Who knows if it is the truth, but add it to the list of bad signs that LeBron’s days in Cleveland are done.


NBA Salary Cap $2 Million Higher Than Expected

The NBA released it’s salary cap figures for 2010-11, and surprisingly it came in at $58 million, about $2 million higher than expected. That gives everyone a little more to play with, but still means LeBron would leave a significant amount of money on the table if he decides to leave Cleveland.

Amateur math, guessing a bit on max number. Full max with Cavs for LeBron: 6 years, $128 million. Elsewhere: 5 years, $99 millionless than a minute ago via web


Announcement To Be Made From Greenwich, CT

According to Fear The Sword, the one-hour, live ESPN show tomorrow night will take place from Greenwich, CT – some 40 miles outside New York City, and relatively close to the Knicks practice facility.

How that fits in to LeBron’s decision is anyone’s guess -

This has to be especially concerning since LeBron has gone out of his way in the past to make Akron, his hometown, the focal point of huge events in his life – specifically his two MVP Award press conferences. LeBron also held his free agent meetings in Cleveland – in the offices of his marketing firm LRMR. It goes without saying that LeBron leaving his element to make such a big announcement is a bit of a surprise.

Stay tuned….


SOURCE: It Is Down To Cleveland And Miami In Quest For LeBron

According to an Exec from a team that made a formal presentation to LeBron James last week, the free agent’s decision is now down to Miami and Cleveland. James has something to think about now that Chris Bosh and D-Wade have committed to the Miami Heat.

LeBron will make his announcement on ESPN tomorrow night at 9PM et.


LeBron Places Restrictions On ESPN's Primetime Event

Yes, LeBron James migth be an attention grabber, but he is also generous and knows how to take a situation and make something positive out of it.

According to the site Fear The Sword, ESPN had to agree to certain restrictions in order to seal the deal with LeBron -

First, ESPN does not know what the decision will be and won’t know before hand. The location also has not been released, but something tells me it will be in Bristol, CT where ESPN is located.

Secondly, ESPN is NOT allowed to sell advertising for the 1-hour Primetime event. Instead, LeBron’s marketing company – LRMR I suppose – can sell sponsorships with all proceeds going to the Boys and Girls Club of America.

Now, the question becomes, will LeBron break the hearts of Northeast Ohio in front of millions of viewers on live TV?


LeBron To Announce Free Agent Decision LIVE on ESPN Thursday At 9PM

ESPN is reporting on twitter that Cleveland Cavaliers free agent forward LeBron James will make his announcement on the sports network at 9PM this Thursday.

Breaking News - Sources: LeBron James will announce decision on his free agency Thursday at 9pm EST on ESPN.less than a minute ago via web

The network doesn't offer any details as to which team James is leaning towards.


Sources Say Bosh Won't Come To Cleveland, But Lebron Will

According to this tweet, Lebron is going to be staying in Cleveland regardless of whether or not Chris Bosh comes with him. This is awesome news for Clevelanders around the country.


LeBron Wants Chris Bosh To Come To Cleveland

LeBron James wants to come back to the Cavaliers, and he is hoping one of his friends comes with him – Chris Bosh. That, according to ESPN’s Chris Broussard this morning on Mike and Mike. Broussard said that part of James’ delay in making an announcement is his attempt to lure Bosh to the Cavaliers with him.

That, of course, would require a sign-and-trade agreement with the Toronto Raptor:

Bosh had reportedly stated that, while he did want to play with James, it had to be in Chicago or Miami. Bosh wants to grow is brand, and feels that can only happen in a bigger market. Perhaps, but Bosh should look no further than LeBron himself to see that big cities are no longer necessary when it comes to global icon status.

“It can happen, it’s just a matter of convincing Chris Bosh to agree to it,” Broussard said on the show, referring to the Cavaliers ability to strike a deal with the Raptors.

Hypothetically, any deal the Cavaliers make with Toronto would likely include multiple picks and players such as Anderson Varejao, J.J. Hickson and Delonte West.

Stay tuned….


It's Now Up To LeBron To Decide His Future

The meetings are done. In what was surely three days of the strangest free agency wooing, perhaps in the history of sports, LeBron James can now sit back, relax, and decide where he will spend the next 3-6 years.

In presentations that included a mock-Sopranos episode as well as a ‘Family Guy’-themed cartoon that included LeBron and his friends as characters, six teams let it be known – or tried at least – that LeBron would be best suited to play in a uniform colored other than Wine and Gold.

After seven years, it has almost been anti-climatic. Maybe I was preparing myself for the worst, but now that all the meetings are seemingly done, I feel great about Cleveland’s chances to retain LeBron. Of course, that feeling could change in an instant.

I have signed up for the new, however, where the promise is made the “You’ll be the first to know”. What he means by that, who knows, but the next 48 hours or so could tell the tale.


Cavaliers Will Keep It Light With LeBron

The Cavaliers get their shot at LeBron James this morning and according to Brian Windhorst, via Fear The Sword, the plan is to keep thing light-hearted and fun.

The Cavs also plan on playing toward James’ sense of humor and playfulness, something with which the team is very familiar. The plan is to keep it loose and informal because of their long-term relationship with James, who has been attending the meetings in T-shirts and sweats while his suitors arrive in $2,000 suits.

Although the Cavs have met with James in person several times since the end of the season, they have been preparing for this moment for several months. While their presentation will not be as flashy as some of the others, sources said the Cavs spent significant money and time in creating their show.

The Cavs have displayed the theme of their pitch with the billboards reading “Home” that are across the city. The feeling of home and the comfort with the team is part of the selling point.

There will be, of course, serious business to discuss, like how new coach Byron Scoot plans to use James and just what Chris Grant and Dan Gilbert plan to do to improve the roster. It all goes down this morning.


Nets, Knicks Get First Crack At LeBron

The New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks will likely be the first teams to get a crack at wooing LeBron James, with both reportedly on the schedule for later today.

James will likely hold meetings for much of the next two or three days before making a decision. The Cavaliers are thought to be one of the last teams James will meet with.

How long this could take is anyone’s guess, but it is likely that James will take his time.

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