Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Browns Falling After Another Loss

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Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: AFC North Occupies Top Of Most Power Rankings

While the Cleveland Browns are generally holding or dropping in power rankings, what of the AFC North, considered by many to be the best division in football at this time? After a loss to the Houston Texans, most Week 10 power rankings have the Browns near the bottom of the rest of the NFL. Below, we'll take a look at the rest of the division and how they're doing in the rankings.

Cincinnati Bengals

They're at the top of the division, sitting at 6-2 and that's somewhat reflected in the rankings. Other teams in the division remain higher than them on most rankings, however. The highest anybody has them is SB Nation at No. 7, while Fox Sports has them the lowest, at 13. A 6-2 team at No. 13 - what do you think of that? Here's an excerpt from Fox Sports' rankings.

The Bengals are currently the No. 1 seed in the AFC. I have to say that again to believe it: The Bengals are currently the No. 1 seed in the AFC. They boast a top-flight defense and rookie QB Andy Dalton has matured to understand that a punt is not the worst thing in the world. With that said, they now will face the meat of their schedule, and their second-half win/loss record will not reflect the same success.    

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are coming off a win over Pittsburgh and remain near the top of most power rankings. SB Nation, Fox Sports and ESPN have the Ravens the highest at No. 3, behind only the 49ers and Packers, while CBS Sports has them at No. 4. Here's an excerpt from SB Nation's rankings:

3. Baltimore Ravens (6-2, LW: 6): I had them as my Super Bowl pick last week and they proved what they're capable of going into Heinz Field on Sunday night completing the season sweep over the Steelers.    

Pittsburgh Steelers

After losing to Baltimore, the Steelers have dropped a couple spots from most rankings, from the top three, but generally remaining in the top six. SB Nation dropped them the most - six spots from No. 3 all the way to No. 9, while Fox Sports has them the highest at No. 4. An excerpt from Fox Sports below:

The Steelers lose a little ground in the rankings, but not much. They lost a close game to a division rival. Still, in order for them to get back to the Super Bowl they can't afford to lose at home. The good news is they have a very favorable schedule the rest of the way. The bad news? So do the Ravens.

SB Nation Ranking | ESPN Rankings | Fox Sports Rankings | CBS Sports Rankings


Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: FOX Sports Drops Browns Four Spots

The Cleveland Browns have been holding or dropping just slightly in most Week 10 power rankings following their loss to the Houston Texans. Most of the rankings maintain that the Browns shouldn't fall too much because they lost to, well, a really good team in the Texans. Their pass defense looked bad and the offense couldn't hold up yet again without Peyton Hillis. But again - it was the Texans.

Either way, FOX Sports' Brian Billick drops them a whopping four points:

29. We are beginning to see why Cleveland was hesitant to give RB Peyton Hillis the money. QB Colt McCoy needs to show improvement or the Browns may want to get into the Andrew Luck sweepstakes.    

Billick has the Browns all the way down at 29 - with only the Rams, Seahawks and Colts below them. That's the lowest they appear and seems extremely unrealistic and over-reactionary at this point. Either way, it's where he puts 'em at this point.


Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: CBS Sports Holds Browns At 24

It makes sense for the Cleveland Browns to be falling down power rankings lists, coming off two straight losses. But their most recent outing was one that wasn't as damning - losing to potentially the best team in the AFC, the Houston Texans. How far do you drop a team that has lost to, say, the Green Bay Packers? It really probably depends on the severity of the loss and the individual things that happened.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco keeps the Browns in last week's spot:

24. They seem to be going in the wrong direction. Even the defense isn't playing well now.    

Given his reasoning, it probably would have made sense to drop them a point, but it's hard to argue with maintaining a position like 24 for this Browns team. The defense isn't playing very well, granted, but that was the Houston Texans, who are explosive even without wide receiver Andre Johnson. This Sunday they'll have a chance to improve their ranking with a game against the St. Louis Rams, however.


Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Browns Fall One Point In ESPN Rankings

It's been a tough couple weeks for the Cleveland Browns, who started out the season looking strong. They've lost their last two games and have all kinds of issues, from quarterback to running back. Peyton Hillis continues to have a hamstring injury and has already been ruled out for next week's game. Accordingly, they continue to fall in power rankings around the internet.

ESPN drops them a point in their Week 10 power rankings:

25. The Browns aren't making much progress in Year 2 of the Mike Holmgren regime. (Walker)    

Previously ranked at No. 24, the Browns got thoroughly beat down by the Texans. Walker's explanation is fitting, they're really not making a whole lot of progress at all in Holmgren's second year. The defense has looked better, most notably the secondary, but the offense has actually seriously regressed. It's like they entered the season with no real plan on offense, and now with all the issues with Peyton Hillis, they've nowhere to really go with things.


Week 10 NFL Power Rankings: Browns Move Down One Spot

For more on the Browns, visit SB Nation's Dawgs By Nature.

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