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What We Learned Browns-Saints

What we learned from the Browns win over New Orleans.

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Super Bowl Champs? No problem.

  1. I have said it before, but you can see this team getting better. Every week they seem to last longer, make less mistakes, and are finally starting to put it all together. I'm not saying that this team is a Super Bowl contender or even a playoff contender, but this team can beat anyone, anwhere in the NFL. They proved it today. 
  2. Enjoy Rob Ryan while you can, I doubt he is here next season. That isn't saying anything bad about him, but I think he will be a Head Coach somewhere in the NFL in '11. If you look at the stats, it shows that Drew Brees did a decent job today. If you watched the game, you saw a defense that consistently showed Brees new looks and wrinkles and kept him guessing all game. Sometimes we would bring seven, next down we brought three. We had no idea, and even better, neither did Brees. He called a magnificent game. You can tell that the players love Rob Ryan and truly enjoy playing for him. The Gatorade bath at the end of the game was priceless.
  3. Brad Seely deserves a game ball as well. The fake punt was a perfect call that very well could have gone to the house and the punt return at the start of the game was a brilliant call as well. You know that the Saints spent a lot of time this week on defending Josh Cribbs. Making them pay at the start was the perfect time. If it wasn't for some poor blocking, the Browns should have had a TD there as well. When your special teams is always putting your team in great positions, you have an advantage on most of the NFL.
  4. Colt McCoy had a quiet game. That is great. He made smart throws, and didn't put the defense in poor situations. Not once did the defense face a short field because of a bad decision. McCoy kept the offense in front of the chains and didn't shoot us in the foot. This is exactly what the front office wanted out of Jake Delhomme. The fact that a rookie understands this and performs this is genuinely amazing. Colt McCoy has earned this job going forward these past two weeks.
  5. The Browns head into their bye week at 2-5. Record-wise that is a "meh" kind of record, especially when you were expecting five wins this season (like myself). But the way this team has performed has been incredibly encouraging. This Browns team fights and stays in every game. No, they aren't going to the Super Bowl, but this team is headed in the right direction. 

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.