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Plain Dealer: Give Browns' Brian Robiskie more time

Obviously it's been well-documented that the Browns 2009 Draft was, well, short of exemplary. With a bevy of picks, the Cleveland Browns should have been able to clean up, addressing needs and finding starters on a rebuilding team.

Instead they drafted David Veikune and Brian Robiskie--along with guys like Kaluka Maiava, James Davis and Don Carey. You'll notice a trend...most of those guys aren't with the Browns anymore.

Robiskie remains, underperforming and disappearing in games. He's been the definition of a second-round bust. But, there he was last week, catching 6 yard passes from Jake Delhomme. And because of that "breakout" game, some people are calling to chill out on the criticism of Robiskie.

What I have heard over the years is that a receiver doesn't really blossom--you give a receiver three years. We're not there yet with Robiskie, so I'm willing to have a little more patience, especially since he was drafted so high. I realize Browns fans--instant gratification, gotta have him right away. I'm willing to cut him a little bit of slack, enough that it's either make it or break it next year.

-Dennis Manoloff, Plain Dealer

Despite the enthusiasm there, this is a second-round pick with 131 yards in his season season (and that's after a 50 yard performance last week). Compare that to Tampa Bay's fourth-round pick from this year, Mike Williams (45 catches, 701 yards, 6 TDs) and it's almost laughable.

Robiskie looks disinterested on routes, cannot get behind the defense, and is simply not physical enough to get open. I hated the pick when it happened, and I continue to be frustrated that with a bunch of picks in the first 60 picks of the 2009 draft, the Browns blew it. Time will tell I suppose, but I don't know how much time there really is for the former Ohio State standout.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.