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NBA Power Rankings: Cavs Still Above The Bottom, But For How Long?

The latest SBNation NBA Power Rankings are out, and the Cavaliers remain out of the bottom spot, for now.  Listed as 14th in the Eastern Conference, only the Washington Wizards are below the Cavs, but as the Wiz gets healthy and the Cavs continue to sink that could easily change, and in a hurry.  Think about it, the Cavaliers have lost HOME GAMES to the likes of Minnesota and Sacramento.  


14. Cleveland Cavaliers: Record - 8-22

Last Week's Ranking, 14: SB Nation Blog: Fear The Sword

As few as 2 weeks ago the Cavs were ranked 8th in the SBNation Power Rankings, and slotted for an outside shot at the playoffs. In those 2 weeks the Cavs have gone 1-6, JJ Hickson has been demoted to the bench, and had the nerve to complain about it, and Mo Williams has declared that he needs to step up and be the leader they need. In years past this is the point where I would either make a reference to the Cleveland Tourism video, or a joke about rivers catching on fire. That seems a bit mean though, so I will only say: Play Leon Powe!

I do agree with the last part - Byron Scott needs to get his physical players on the floor and that includes Leon Powe.

For the record, the Celtics are tops in the Eastern Conference while the San Antonio Spurs are on top out West.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.