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Tom Izzo Heading To Cleveland To Meet With Cavaliers

Will he or won't he?  That is the big question now being asked of Tom Izzo.  The coach of the Michigan State Spartans, for now at least, will head to Cleveland today to find out exactly what his future office looks like.  He'll also find out just what the Cavs plan to do should LeBron James be in another uniform next season.

Depending on who you believe, that is the major selling job the Cavaliers have on their plates.  The money - reportedly $30 million worth over 6 years - is not a factor.  Izzo seems ready to make the jump from the cozy-confines of college to the NBA.  He'd probably be the coach right now if he knew LeBron was coming back.  It all seems to hinge on the Cavaliers' ability to sell Izzo on what the rebuilding plan would be if LeBron doesn't come back.

According to a Michigan State source, Izzo has scheduled a trip to Cleveland on Thursday to meet with team officials and possibly tour the Cavs' facilities. Whether or not Izzo will go through with the trip is unknown.

Izzo has been down this road before - though not nearly as close to the edge as he appears now.  Izzo met with his team on Tuesday to talk about the Cavaliers interest.  Players reportedly left that meeting with the feeling he would take the job.

We have seen this before.  Florida's Billy Donovan went so far as to have a press conference naming him Head Coach of the Orlando Magic only to change his mind 3 days later.  Izzo will likely get the grand tour today.  What that means tomorrow is anyone's guess.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.