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The Name Game, Or...Quick, Someone Find Me A GPS

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Well it became official today – Nebraska has now joined the Big Ten, which, of course, was already the Big Eleven. It actually does make geographical sense, as Nebraska is right next to Iowa, and so it is not such a stretch for the Cornhuskers to be in the Buckeyes’ conference.

Let’s pretend for just a moment that the expansion of the Big Ten stops now, and that any further defections from the Big-12 will be to other conferences, such as the Pac-10, which, of course, became the Pac-11 yesterday with the addition of Colorado.

Is it time to think about maybe, just maybe, renaming some conferences here? I mean, after all, there was a time when Jon and Kate did not have a +8 after their names. And when they added the plus eight it was not long before they became “Jon and Kate Plus the Permanent Exit Out of the Door”.

Does the Big Ten become the Big Ten+2? Does the Pac-10 become, potentially, the Pac-10+11? The Pac-21?

Obviously I wrote all of this with a humorous spirit and a light heart, but the fact does remain that it seems a little…archaic…to continue using outdated numbers to identify conferences. So, even though it might be considered, by some, blasphemous – is it not, perhaps, time for conferences to become a little creative and to come up with names for themselves, names that would not need to change, or seem silly, even should they expand to 135 teams?

Just my thoughts, as I search for a GPS to try to determine how a team from Colorado can be considered to be a Pacific-10 team.

Or should that be 11?


Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.