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Tom Izzo Reportedly Has Decided To Stay At Michigan State

As reported SB Nation Detroit:

Both WDIV and WXYZ in Detroit are reporting that Tom Izzo has decided to stay at Michigan State as head coach of the Spartans. There reportedly will be a press conference at 7 p.m. tonight to officially announce the decision, although the Detroit News’ Eric Lacy reports that no presser has been at MSU yet.

Izzo had been debating whether or not to take the Cleveland Cavaliers job for the last week, so finally this saga has come to an end. Although it included many interesting twists and indicated that this was the closest Izzo ever came to leaving for a job in the NBA, it’s really not too surprising he decided to stay at MSU. From the very beginning I had my doubts that he would actually leave, mainly because the timing of everything just didn’t work out, both with the whole LeBron James thing and the fact that the team he has coming back to MSU next year will be a contender for a national title.

Is Byron Scott now the favorite?

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