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Stern Drops The Hammer On Cavaliers

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Dan Gilbert will pay for his comments following the departure of LeBron James – to the tune of $100,000. Stern fined the Cavaliers for Gilbert’s statements:


Gilbert is attending the owners' meetings in Las Vegas, where NBA commissioner David Stern said Monday he was fining the Cavaliers $100,000 for the comments.

"He was completely correct in expressing his disappointment," Stern said, adding that Gilbert's statement and the sentiments he expressed in a follow-up interview with the AP were "a little bit extreme."


That tells me that Stern really didn’t like Gilbert’s assertion that the NBA’s two-time MVP was throwing games in the playoffs. Needless to say, using the ‘Q’ word is a big-time no-no in the NBA, especially when talking about a figure as big-time as James.

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