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Jim Brown, Saying His 'Legacy Won't Be Defined By Holmgren', Officially Opts Out Of Sunday's 'Ring Of Honor' Ceremony

Jim Brown, without a doubt the most recognizable and probably the best player in Cleveland Browns' history, has officially set in stone that he will not have any part in the Browns' "Ring of Honor" ceremony, set for halftime of the Browns' game with the Kansas City Chiefs at the Stadium on Sunday, essentially blaming Mike Holmgren.

Brown said (according to "No, I won't be going. My legacy won't be defined by Holmgren."

Holmgren, the FOXnews story went on, attempted to contact Brown to see if he could get Brown to change his mind, but was unsuccessful. Brown resents the fact that his duties as an adviser to Randy Lerner were diminished by Holmgren. Lerner sent a letter to Brown (as did Holmgren), but without success.

"I haven't heard from Jim, but the door is open", Holmgren said. "After he declined, I wrote another letter to him and again expressed my feelings on how much we would like him there, but understood that he might not be able to come."

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.