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ESPN 'Decides' To Pursue Litigation To Force The Buckeyes' Hand

ESPN, the worldwide leader in "decisions", has gone after The Ohio State University in a lawsuit filed on Monday to gain access to three sets of public records that the sports network sought earlier this year.

The complete story via says that the goal of the suit brought before the Ohio Supreme Court will be to force Ohio State to let ESPN see the records.

"It is impossible to imagine that Congress had any interest in restricting the flow of information about shady deals at a tattoo parlor when it passed FERPA in 1974," states the lawsuit. ESPN attorney John Greiner declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Jim Lynch, OSU director of media relations, says in an e-mail that OSU "believes that is has adhered to all applicable state and federal laws".

Lynch went on to add in his e-mail that Ohio State has been "inundated" with public records requests, including "voluminous" requests from ESPN.

"While the university often receives media requests that are overly broad, given Ohio’s public record laws, we generally try to work with reporters to help them find the information they are seeking, working within the boundaries of the applicable laws," the e-mail reads.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.