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Kevin Kolb Could Be At The Top Of Browns Wish List If Available

With Colt McCoy already facing an uncertain future as the starter of the Cleveland Browns, most are taking a look at potential replacements. Folks are first looking at the 2012 NFL Draft, where the Browns hold the No. 4 pick, with the three teams in front of them not likely to take Robert Griffin III. Many are suggesting that Griffin will be heading to Cleveland with that pick, and it is a scenario that makes sense, though we have quite a long way to go until the draft and much can change before than.

One thing that could change is the fact that the Browns could find themselves a quarterback in free agency. There's not a slew of big names available, but there is one name in particular that could find himself available, as the Plain Dealer notes. Kevin Kolb might be on his way out of Arizona, if the Cardinals elect to go with John Skelton and cut their losses with Kolb, the Browns could be the team that goes after him.

Why exactly?

Because Kolb was originally drafted by none other than Pat Shurmur and Tim Heckert. Well, they weren't the final say on the selection of Kolb in Philadelphia, but as the then-quarterbacks coach and general managers, respectively, their input was definitely in on it. Kolb is more used to the west coast offense, which Arizona doesn't run. It seemed like his time with the Cardinals was simply "throw the ball up in the air where nobody could possibly ever catch it," and Larry Fitzgerald did what he always does, and caught a few of 'em for big yardage.

In Cleveland, he'd be in a west coast offense under two prevalent people who utilize it: Shurmur and Mike Holmgren. It's not a foregone conclusion that he get cut or even that the Browns go after him if he does, but if the shoe fits ...

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