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Browns Add Nolan Cromwell As Offensive Assistant

The Cleveland Browns have made some changes to the coaching staff, but nothing big in comparison to the changes going around the rest of the league. According to The Plain Dealer, the Browns have added Nolan Cromwell to Pat Shurmur's coaching staff as a senior offensive assistant. Keith Gibertson formerly held the title, but he has retired, according to the piece.

Cromwell was the former wide receivers coach of the St. Louis Rams, joining them in 2010, when Shurmur was still the St. Louis offensive coordinator. He has experience with Mike Holmgren with two other teams, so go ahead and make that three, now. So far, the Browns have seriously struggled under Holmgren and Shurmur, but the team has been adamant that they get plenty of time to turn the organization around. Can't argue with them bringing in people that they're familiar with.

There's also a connection with Mike Sherman, who is a candidate for the Browns' offensive coordinator position. Bringing on Cromwell might be able to help those talks, if they are in fact going on.

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