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2012 NFL Draft: Browns' Needs Don't Include Running Back With Fourth Pick

The Cleveland Browns appear poised to draft a player that will give their offense a boost. With the fourth pick in the 2012 NFL draft, the Browns will likely focus on quarterback Robert Griffin III if he is available.

Griffin's value could certainly increase throughout the draft process and have other teams looking to jump up to the third pick for a chance to select the dynamic QB out of Baylor. If that is the case and the Browns themselves are completely sold on Griffin, they may have to give up a valuable early round pick or two to jump up a spot to secure Griffin.

If the price is too high and the Browns pass on RG III, wide receiver Justin Blackmon should be available to add a strong weapon to the Cleveland offense. Another offensive option will be Alabama running back Trent Richardson.

But do the Browns need to spend their top pick on a running back?

Dawgs By Nature says no, when you consider the current value of running backs in the NFL and the fact that it is more important for Cleveland to bolster other positions.

So why the drop to 2 this season? Because this is a copy cat league. Best offenses in the NFL this season? Saints, Packers and Patriots. What do they all have? RB committees. Specialized guys that are used in ways that best suits their talents. By the way, look at the RB's those teams have. Only one first rounder among them (Mark Ingram in NO) and you could make a case that he was the least valuable of all the Saints RB's.

The days of riding a RB to a title are gone. With all the rule changes in today's NFL, it's easier to take advantage of a defense through the air.

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