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2012 NFL Mock Draft: SB Nation Has Browns Taking Robert Griffin III And A Wide Receiver

The Cleveland Browns are a team with a lot of good, solid players to round out their defense and offense, but have a decided lack of playmakers on both sides of the ball. Fortunately, they're in a great position to get a couple of big-time difference makers in the 2012 NFL Draft. With their disappointing season, the Browns have excellent positioning in the draft, picking at No. 4. Their needs are many, but it all starts with quarterback. Colt McCoy may have taken his last snap as the franchise quarterback of the Browns.

SB Nation agrees with those sentiments in their latest 2012 NFL Mock Draft:

4. Cleveland Browns, Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor

At this point, I would more shocked if Cleveland kept Colt McCoy than if they traded up in the draft to secure RG3. Washington and Miami (and maybe others), will be circling RG3, so trading up is the only sure way they can nab him. They need some talent to pair with him, but this is a big upgrade for Cleveland.

It's a pick that most believe Cleveland would make if RGIII is actually still around. There might be teams trading up for him, including Cleveland, as they have another first-round pick to bargain with. Last season, the Browns took possession of Atlanta's first-rounder so the Falcons could draft Julio Jones (though in hindsight, he might have been the weapon that McCoy needs), and now they can cash in.

If they don't end up trading the pick, that same mock has them taking, somewhat surprisingly, a wide receiver:

22. Cleveland Browns (from the Atlanta Falcons), Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor

What better way to ease RG3 into the NFL than pair him up with his main weapon from college? Wright has the speed that might get him picked higher. He'll be Cleveland's answer to Mike Wallace and a great complement to Greg Little.

It does certainly seem like an odd pick, but then again, maybe the Browns were targeting running back Trent Richardson, who just went to AFC North division rivals, the Cincinnati Bengals.

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