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Ohio State vs. Marquette Carrier Classic delayed due to condensation on the court

Weather is significantly affecting the scheduled season opener between Marquette and Ohio State.

Rob Carr

The 2012 Carrier Classic game between Ohio State and Marquette has been delayed due to condensation on the court. Because of the temperature drop as the sun set in the Charleston area, condensation immediately started to form on the outdoor court on the deck of the US aircraft carrier. The weather was expected to play a factor, with temperatures forecasted to be between 45 and 55 degrees.

Both teams were announced, and as the two first fives came to center court for the tip, the staff on hand immediately had to wipe off the floor. The players returned to their benches, but condensation immediately began to form again on the hardwood. The biggest problem was on Marquette's end of the floor, in front of their bench, which abutted the harbor water. At one point, the players and schools came out to help dry off the court. It was a bizarre scene, as even Marquette head coach Buzz Williams was on all fours wiping off the floor.

Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith was on scene, and both ADs and coaches went through a discussion with the game's officials. It was decided that both teams would warm up and see if the conditions were playable. This is obviously one of the many circumstances that can affect an outdoor game, and safety is definitely a No. 1 priority. After both teams warmed up, they put 20 more minutes on the clock in the hopes that the temperature would drop a few degrees and halt the condensation.

The women's game, which had to deal with some nasty sun glare, went off without the condensation problem. Ohio State lost to Notre Dame, 57-51, in the first game of the triple header. Georgetown and Florida are scheduled to play the nightcap.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.