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Chiefs vs. Browns: Brian Daboll returns to Cleveland, armed with trick plays?

Former Browns offensive coordinator Brian Daboll returns to town, and there's one element to his offense that has Dick Jauron preparing.


Despite their win over the floundering Carolina Panthers last week, the Kansas City Chiefs are a vulnerable team offensively, and not every defense will be as kind to Brady Quinn as Carolina was last week. With former Cleveland Browns coordinator Brian Daboll returning to town, we could see more from his bag of tricks in an attempt to inject some energy into his failing offense.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, Browns coaches are prepared to see some different looks from Daboll's offense, even if they haven't been present in 2012. Defensive coordinator Dick Jauron acknowledges that while he's been preparing the Browns' defense, it's almost impossible to account for everything.

"He does a lot of very creative things on offense. We'll certainly talk about it. You just don't have time to prepare for every possible gadget play people might run."

It's a good bet to assume this creativity wont come from Brady Quinn's arm, but rather the myriad running options the Chiefs boast. Starting with the multi-faceted Jamaal Charles, Kansas City have a do-everything back who excels at running between tackles and catching out of the backfield. While Peyton Hillis is a shadow of his former self, Browns fans know how effective he can be, especially in the red zone. Rounding out this triumvirate is Dexter McCluster, the 2010 second-round pick averaging 6.0 yards per carry on the ground, and 8.8 as a receiver -- he may not get an abundance of touches, but McCluster makes an impact when those chances come.

In a game that could easily become a low-scoring affair, big plays could be hard to come by, and the big-play potential of trick plays could be the difference maker in Sunday's game.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.