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Deshaun Thomas, Scorer, Philosopher Of Basketball, And The Best Quote In The NCAA Tournament

Through three games, Ohio State forward Deshaun Thomas has been the best scorer in the 2012 NCAA Tournament. Thomas had 20 points alone in the first half against Cincinnati in the Buckeyes' Sweet 16 win. Thomas, who's never shy to chuck it up, is also quite the character off the floor. Zac Jackson of FSOhio had a running list of quotes on his Twitter feed from Deshaun's press availability this afternoon in Boston. And if you know the character and quirks of Thomas at all, it was the most entertaining non-basketball moment of the tournament.

Quotes, via @FSOhioZJackson, after the jump:

This beauty was the first one to catch my attention and I followed along from here on out. When athletes speak in the third person, it's considered incredibly arrogant and a huge turn-off. But from Thomas? Hilarious and endearing at the same time.

And of course when he's making sure to jack those shots up, he's well-aware of who's watching:

In a deadly serious tone, according to Jackson, he also talked about his scoring prowess - which required an anecdote from grade school:

More humility from his grade school days, where he was a "special" kid:

On his teammates just having to accept who he is...

..but don't try to put him a box either:

Many thanks to Zac Jackson for doing the people's work and transcribing this gold. Thomas can be frustrating but he is a first-rate entertainer, whether he's aware of it or not.

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