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NBA Trade Deadline Approaches; Who Will Stay? Who Will Go?

Cavaliers future only holds so many roster spots

The Cavaliers were quiet at the NBA trade deadline last season, as General Manager Chris Grant decided to keep his weary warriors united through a pitiless sixteen win season. But will the Cav's be as apathetic this time around?

The deadline is March 15th. Teams have been calling, negotiations have been made. But will front office execution take place? Or will the ‘stand pat' mentality take over for a second year in a row? Listed are some trade deadline "do's and don'ts" for Grant and the young Cavaliers.

Antawn Jamison - Do

The fifteen year veteran would have been better suited to deal last year, but his stock is still high enough to get something decent in return. His seventeen points per game should catch some attention, along with his calm demeanor and veteran headship. His potential departure would also help free up cap space. The forward is set to make over fifteen million in 2012. The former fourth overall pick of the 1998 draft has brought his consistent track record to every team he has played for, and would make a solid suitor for a team in need of bench scorers.

Ramon Sessions - Don't

Yes, rookie point guard Kyrie Irving has been given the keys to the car from head coach Byron Scott, but Sessions has proved to be a good value at his salary. Averaging ten-and-a-half points in almost 25 minutes a game, Sessions is too valuable to trade. Plus, who could replace his production off the bench who is currently on the Cavalier's roster? He has dropped double digit point efforts in 20 games already, while only starting in four of those. Starting him at the two position might not be a bad scheme either.

The Lakers and Hawks have shown the most interest in Sessions, but neither have the pieces to return to Cleveland that the Cavaliers would demand. So his best trade deadline destination is: right here, in Cleveland.

Daniel "Booby" Gibson - Do, if possible

The Cavaliers only combo guard has done nothing but under achieve since helping the Cav's get to the NBA Finals in 2005. His field goal percentage has dropped each of the past three years. Though keeping him wouldn't be a bad option either. He can still shoot the three ball, and Irving's ability to penetrate leaves a lot of holes open for Booby on the perimeter. Gibson just needed someone to open up space for him, and now that the Cav's have someone who can do that regularly, Gibson's numbers might get better with time.

Anthony Parker - Don't

No one will offer anything more than a bench towel and a bottle of Gatorade for the 36-year-old, but he does not have a roster spot secured on this team beyond this year. It was a bit of a stretch for the Cavaliers to bring him back even this season. Seeing that the experiment of putting Parker at forward was a terrible mistake, he only has one position that he can play, and there is only one thing that he can do: shoot. He belongs nowhere near the starting lineup, and probably not on this team also. But if anyone is willing to offer even belly button lint for him, the Cav's should take it. It would be more serviceable than Parker.

Anderson Varejao - Don't

Good thing the Cav's held on to him after contemplating trading him a year ago. Now, he is averaging more offensive rebounds per game than Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, and Blake Griffin. Though he would get the most in return, a first round draft pick and something else, the Cavaliers simply can not survive without this guy for the remaining games. He means too much, and his trademark hairdo is this team's identity; hustle, selfless play, and good sportsmanship.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.