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Justin Blackmon Not Exactly Enthusiastic About Browns And Colt McCoy

Justin Blackmon was pegged as one of the potential top ten prospects who intimated at the draft that he did not want to go to Cleveland and the Browns with the No. 4 overall pick. It was suspected that he and his representation floated that to the media in Indianapolis, but it was never officially confirmed. Nevertheless, Blackmon still visited Cleveland and was one of the Browns' 30 predraft invitees to Berea.

Blackmon joined local radio station 92.3 The Fan's Bull & Foxshow, and was pretty unenthusiastic in his assessment of the visit, doing little to dispel the rumors that he would rather land somewhere else in the top ten. According to WaitingForNextYear, Blackmon was reluctant to even acknowledge the visit and simply stated, "It was just a visit." He was rather tepid in his assessment of Browns' quarterback Colt McCoy as well. Quotes after the jump:

Via Craig at WaitingForNextYear:

When Adam the Bull finally asked him about his perceptions of Colt McCoy, Blackmon couldn't help but giggle first. Either he was nervous to answer the question or that's what he thinks of the Browns and the guy who currently tops the depth chart at quarterback.

92.3's Daryl Ruiter also transcrined Blackmon's thoughts on McCoy, and he wasn't exactly overflowing with positivity or typical treacle you might hear from draft prospects:

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