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2012 NFL Odds: Early Point Spreads For Browns Upcoming Season Released

Very early NFL point spreads have been released, and the Browns are not favored in a single game for the upcoming 2012 season.

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An extremely early and premature set of NFL point spreads are out, and the oddsmakers do not look upon the Browns kindly this upcoming 2012 season. The Browns are underdogs in each and every game on their schedule, including dates with the two teams that picked ahead on them in the 2012 Draft. The Colts are favored by three points against the Browns when they play in Indianapolis in Week 7. The two closest spreads are home dates against the Bills in Week 3 and against the Redskins in Week 15. Here's a complete list of the current spreads, via Cantor Gaming:

Philadelphia Eagles -7 at Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns at Cincinnati Bengals -7
Buffalo Bills -1 at Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens -10
Cleveland Browns at New York Giants -9.5
Cincinnati Bengals -2 at Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts -3
San Diego Chargers -3.5 at Cleveland Browns
Baltimore Ravens -5.5 at Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns at Dallas Cowboys -7.5
Pittsburgh Steelers -6 at Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders -4.5
Kansas City Chiefs -1.5 at Cleveland Browns
Washington Redskins -1 at Cleveland Browns
Cleveland Browns at Denver Broncos -8.5
Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers (No Line Currently)

Click here for more highlights of these early spreads around the league.

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Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.