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2012 NBA Mock Draft: Notes On Harrison Barnes, Selected By Cleveland In Latest SB Nation Mock

Until May 30 when we find out which team will be going where in the NBA lottery, it's up to making educated guesses on where the balls, and players, will land. As such, it's time for hilarious guessing as to where the teams involved will be picking in the top 14. Tom Ziller's latest 2012 NBA mock draft has an order based on the 'Basketball Gods' which has the Cleveland Cavaliers picking UNC's Harrison Barnes at sixth overall.

Of course, he says the Basketball Gods are in favor of Cleveland continuing to build a powerhouse young team led by Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson so they can beat LeBron at some point:

Like everyone else, The Basketball Gods became angry with LeBron James in 2010. Not because of The Decision, but because of LeBron's decision to hold his infamous spectacle at a Boys & Girls Club with children present. It was a move clearly designed to shield King James from the multiple strikes of lightning that The Gods wished to rain upon him, and it upset them so deeply that instead of seeking retribution later they opted to turn Cleveland into a powerhouse that will crush him someday.


Well done, Basketball Gods.

FOX Sports Ohio has done scouting reports on many of the prospects that the Cavaliers have had in mind, or are at least assumed to be having in mind. Their latest is on, who else, Barnes, and it looks like he is already an ideal NBA player despite having a bit of a bad rap as an underachiever:

"People who have watched his full body of work aren't complaining too much," said an Eastern Conference GM. "The kid was built for the NBA. There's better spacing (in the pros than in college), and he won't come in as everyone's focus. He should be open a lot. When he is, good things happen."

There should be plenty of looks for Barnes, especially in his rookie season if teams continue to focus their attention at containing Irving from the Cavs.

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Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.