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NBA Draft 2012: Jared Sullinger Drawing Mixed Reviews From Scouts

Jared Sullinger is one of the biggest question marks in the 2012 NBA Draft, with scouts issuing mixed reviews of the Ohio State big man. Sullinger does not have ideal athleticism, and played his college ball in the post below the rim, using his body to overpower and out-maneuver college players. But there have been persistent concerns about his ability to transition to the next level, despite the consistent production in the best conference in college hoops.

Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio continued his scouting series for the upcoming 2012 Draft, which is just over a month away. Amico has been getting scouts' takes on a variety of NBA prospects, and this week he put Sullinger in the crosshairs. The debate over upside continues, and the Buckeye is one of the great unknowns of this draft. But one G.M. told Amico he thinks Sullinger's skills and intangibles will take him far:

"There are a lot of questions, but I have a feeling we're going to like the answers," said one GM. "We already know he's intelligent and tough, and those two things alone can carry you far in this league, even if you have nothing else to offer. But again, I think Sullinger does."

The worst pick the Cavaliers can get is No. 6 overall, which is about the highest Sullinger is projected to go in the first round. Some say he could tumble all the way to the middle of the first, on the cusp of the lottery. It's unlikely the Cavs would use even the No. 6 pick on the in-state favorite.

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Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.