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NBA Draft Lottery: Cavs Have 3rd-Best Odds At Landing Top Pick

With the annual NBA Draft Lottery set to take place on Wednesday night, the Cleveland Cavaliers are hoping that they will find a bit of luck and will win the rights to the first overall selection in the 2012 Draft. With the Cavaliers finishing the year tied with the New Orleans Hornets for the third worst record in the entire league (21-45), the two teams had to participate in a coin-flip to determine how the odds in the lottery would be allocated, which ultimately saw the Cavs win the coin-flip as well as a slight edge in the odds.

Here is a complete breakdown of the odds of winning Wednesday night's lottery:

Charlotte Bobcats: 25%

Washington Wizards: 19.9%

Cleveland Cavaliers: 13.8%

New Orleans Hornets: 13.7%

Sacramento Kings: 7.6%

New Jersey Nets/Portland Trailblazers: 7.5%

Golden State Warriors: 3.6%

Detroit Pistons: 1.7%

New Orleans Hornets (via Minnesota): 1.1%

Portland Trailblazers: 0.8%

Milwaukee Bucks: 0.7%

Phoenix Suns: 0.6%

Houston Rockets: 0.5%

Due to the lottery system, the Cavs can draft any where from picks one-through-six depending upon where other selections fall. For a full breakdown of the possibilities, check out this article from Fear the Sword.

For more news, analysis, and discussion on the Cavaliers, visit Fear the Sword. For all your NBA Draft and Playoffs news, follow SB Nation's NBA news hub.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.