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Scott Fujita Denies Any Involvement In Bounty System, Releases Statement

Scott Fujita officially appealed his three-game suspension handed down by the NFL for his alleged involvement in the bounty controversy surrounding the New Orleans Saints on Monday. Fujita, along with Anthony Hargrove and Will Smith, filed a letter on Monday reserving his right to appeal his suspension at a later date.

The reason they've done this is because the NFL Player's Association has filed a grievance against the NFL and an appeal might not be needed. The NFL likely requires them to file an appeal by a certain date following a suspension, so this is to protect that right.

On top of that Fujita released a statement to the Plain Dealer, here's a quote from what he had to say:

"I've yet to hear the specifics of any allegation against me, nor have I seen any evidence that supports what the NFL alleges in its press release. I look forward to the opportunity to confront what evidence they claim to have in the appropriate forum. Until then, I stand by my previous comments. I have never contributed money to any so-called "bounty" pool, and any statements to the contrary are false. To say I'm disappointed with the League would be a huge understatement.''

Fujita would be losing around $644,000 if he were to serve his three-game suspension. His punishment is noticeably less than former-teammate Jonathan Vilma, who is suspended for an entire season and has also appealed his suspension.

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