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2012 NBA Draft: Cavaliers Looking To Trade Pick With Bobcats In Order To Assure They Get Bradley Beal

For the last few weeks, the two top prospects when it's come to the Cleveland Cavaliers in the upcoming NBA Draft have been Florida's Bradley Beal and UNC's Harrison Barnes. Just about every mock draft and every report has had one of those two being 'the guy' for the Cavs.

We know that Anthony Davis is probably going to be the pick for the New Orleans Hornets with the first overall pick, but depending on what the Charlotte Bobcats do with the second overall pick, there might be a different name on the Cavs' card. Both Beal and Barnes could potentially be selected above the Cavs' pick at fourth overall, and according to the Cavs have been trying to trade their pick to the Bobcats in order to assure they get their man. Their man, of course, is most recently looking like it's Beal:

As Charlotte continues to ponder its decision at No. 2, numerous executives expect the Bobcats to be approached by Cleveland (No. 4) about the possibility of swapping picks (if it hasn't happened already) in order for the Cavaliers to land Florida shooting guard Bradley Beal. While Cavs point guard Kyrie Irving is known to be a huge proponent of drafting North Carolina small forward Harrison Barnes, it appears Beal has shot up their big board just as he has so many others, and it's widely believed that he won't get past Washington at No. 3 if they don't make a move.

If a trade never gets worked out -- or hasn't already but hasn't been released yet -- the Cavs could pick up Barnes, but Thomas Robinson out of Kansas could be another surprise name to consider. Robinson had an immensely successful workout for the Cavs, having his way with Andre Drummond and impressing a lot of people.

Of course, that might have just made the Bobcats want him more, which could kill a trade. Ah, NBA Draft rumors!

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