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Prospect Of Adding Andrew Bynum Should Thrill Cavalier Fans

Kyrie Irving stole the show this month during Team USA workouts in Las Vegas with the Select Team point guard taking it to the Olympic team veterans. The Cavs appear to have struck gold with their 2011 No. 1 pick, and they have hopefully added some nice pieces to build around the potential superstar. But the most recent Dwight Howard trade rumors involving the Cavs would pair Irving with a true superstar partner in the frontcourt. The framework of the rumored deal would include the Lakers' Andrew Bynum landing in Cleveland.

Despite the oft-cited trope of injury and maturity concerns, the prospect of adding Bynum to the Cavaliers core should excite Cavs fans everywhere. He's already a dominant offensive force, not an incoming young piece that would need further development with Kyrie. SB Nation's Tom Ziller examined the Dwight Howard to Lakers trade, and took some time to add his thoughts on how things would shake out for Cleveland:

What a Howard-Bynum deal could do, though, is turn the Cavaliers into something special. Kyrie Irving might be the game's best young point guard not named Derrick Rose or Russell Westbrook. He could end up better than either. Giving him a productive, elite center at this juncture would be trouble for the rest of the East. Bynum is 24, Irving is 20 and Cleveland has prospects like Dion Waiters, Tristan Thompson and Tyler Zeller in the mix. Let's just pre-schedule the League Pass Alert for all of 2014, alright?

Of course, the Cavaliers would need assurances that Bynum, who's a free agent after this season, would sign an extension to stay in Cleveland.

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