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USA Swimming: Cincinnati Native Nick Thoman A 'Real Contender' To Medal

Nick Thomas, a native of Cincinnati, has been described by his trainer as a "Renaissance man" and, more importantly, as a legitimate contender to medal at the Olympics.


Cincinnati-born Nick Thoman will be a favorite to bring home hardware from the Summer Olympics.

Thoman, who set the world record in the 100 meter backstroke in 2009, clinched his spot on the Olympic team by placing second in the 100 meter backstroke at a recent event in Omaha. He was second only to Matt Grevers, who took the silver in that event in Beijing four years ago.

As early as May, Thoman's long-time trainer, Dave Marsh, was touting the 26-year-old as a swimmer to watch at the Summer Olympics. From The Charlotte Observer:

"Nick will be a real contender this summer -- not only to make the Olympic team, but to win an Olympic medal....

"He's a bit of a Renaissance man," Marsh said. "Very smart. I'll see him reading heavy-duty literature on a team trip - the kind they forced you to read in college. But then he's playing a video game. There are all these contrasts in his personality."

Thoman attended the University of Arizona. has an interview with him after he qualified for the Olympic team. (Per NBC rights restrictions, it is only available until July 27.)

The final of the men's 100 meter backstroke is set to air on July 30.

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