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Dwight Howard Trade: Cavaliers Could Receive More Than Kris Humphries, According To Report

Because it was so fun the first time around, Dwight Howard is trying once again to get out of Orlando, and the Brooklyn Nets have him in their crosshairs. Somewhere in the brouhaha the Cleveland Cavaliers got involved and the trade presently has three teams involved. On Sunday night, the talk was that Kris Humphries was now in the deal and that he would be heading to the Cavaliers, but it's still a little fuzzy as to how he'd end up there.

Yahoo's NBA expert, Adrian Wojnarowski, had some pretty thorough thoughts on who might be involved and how it would all go down. He suggest that more than 10 players could be involved in what would obviously be a blockbuster trade:

As Orlando sorts through the offers, Howard's potential destination is increasingly looking like the Nets, sources said. The tentacles of the proposed deal stretched across more than 10 players and three teams on Monday morning, with the Nets recruiting a fourth team to take on guard MarShon Brooks in exchange for an additional draft pick to send to Orlando.

Wojnarowski goes on to elaborate on some of the players involved. He suggests that Brooklyn would net Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark, while the Magic would receive Brook Lopez, Damion James, and Sheldon Williams of the Nets and Luke Walton of the Cavs, on top of three future first-round picks, all presumably coming from the Nets.

Cleveland would receive Quentin Richardson from Orlando, Sundiata Gaines and Kris Humphries from the Nets, and a first-round pick on top of $3 million from them as well. A potential fourth team would need to get involved for the Nets to even have enough first-round picks for next year to go around, so it's believed that Brooks would be offered up in exchange for one to said fourth team.

There's plenty of other factors - namely every player on the roster of each of the three teams, it seems. It also sounds like Humphries would not agree to a one-year deal with the Cavaliers as previously reported, so that's another variable that needs to be contained. It certainly will be interesting to see if the Nets can make this happen, or if the Magic will ultimately deal with somebody else, like the Los Angeles Lakers, who have been in on the Howard sweepstakes since the beginning.

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