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Cleveland Browns, LeCharles Bentley Can Move On After Settlement

Well, the Cleveland Browns can close the book on the much-maligned career of LeCharles Bentley. The offensive lineman sued the Browns and owner Randy Lerner over an injury Bentley suffered in 2010. More accurately, he sued the Browns due to him contracting a staph infection while rehabbing from knee surgery at the Browns' facility. Not much has been known about how things were progressing, but it appears that preliminary settlement talks have gone through.


This comes after the team has tried to get the case thrown out multiple times, and it comes after they'd been denied a chance to have the Supreme Court rule on it. Bentley is just looking to move on from all of this, and according to ESPN Cleveland, he can. The piece talks about the whole ordeal, including the fact that Bentley saw a very promising career cut short.


One of the most telling things in the article is the note that Bentley's doctor gave to him that said "You'll never play football again. You're lucky to walk without a limp. Buy a boat and go fishing." It's easy to forget that Bentley wasn't even 30 years-old when all of this happened. At any rate, one part of the settlement that we do know is the tuition for six minority students a year for 20 years for Bentley's alma mater, St. Ignatius High School. That is something that Lerner agreed upon during settlement talks, so at least something good is coming of all this.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.