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MLB Standings: Indians Continue To Beat Tigers, But Sit Far Back In AL Central

The Cleveland Indians are far, far back in the American League Central Division despite playing well against the division rival Detroit Tigers.

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Another week and another group of losses for the Cleveland Indians. They wrapped up their week with two-straight losses to the Minnesota Twins to drop that series 2-1. Earlier in the week, they managed to take two of three from the Detroit Tigers though, something they love to hang their hat on. For one reason or another, the Tigers can't get consistent against the Indians, in much the same way that the Chicago White Sox can't consistently beat the Kansas City Royals.

That being said, the Indians and the Royals don't have much to show for their success against the Tigers and the White Sox. Chicago sits at the top of the American League Central division, while the Tigers are two games back of that lead. Kansas City is 12.5 games back of the lead and virtually out of the running.

Cleveland is only ahead of the Twins, who are 17.5 games back of the lead and really out of the running. The Tribe find themselves just one game above that, at 16.5 games back and it's not likely to improve at this point. Below, we've got the full standings for the AL Central.

AL Central Standings

Chicago 75 64 .539 0 Lost 1
Detroit 73 66 .525 2 Lost 3
Kansas City 63 77 .450 12.5 Won 1
Cleveland 59 81 .421 16.5 Lost 2
Minnesota 58 82 .414 17.5 Won 2

(updated 9.10.2012 at 11:54 AM PDT)

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Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.