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Jim Tressel Will Have No 'Athletically Related Duties' With Akron

With a confusing job title comes a somewhat confusing job. Jim Tressel was introduced as the Akron Vice President of strategic engagement, which seems to be a new position. He'll be making a base salary of $200,000 a year, and he'll start on May 1. But it's still unclear exactly what Tressel will be doing for Akron, though the small salary should reflect that it's nothing on the level of what he's done in the past, making significantly less than he did with his previous gig.

That being said, there is some clarity with what Tressel won't be doing. Joe Schad of ESPN had a couple of Tweets to clarify things a bit:

According to Akron, Tressel has no "athletically related duties" as VP of Strategic Enforcement

So there's that, but it's still a bit fuzzy. Schad follows up with one more:

According to Akron, Tressel will not instruct, advise, mentor or recruit student-athletes

You probably can't get much more clear than that in regards to what Tressel will not be doing. This is all potentially due to the issues that got him in trouble in the first place, which had all to do with improper benefits and things of that nature. Tressel's position with the school could just be a way to boost visibility and get some more enrollments, but that's all still unclear.

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