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Martin is a Clevelander who embraced the South after attending Wake Forest. He writes in several places across the SB Nation network, managing Blogger So Dear and covering college football and the NFL, among other things, at When he's not writing for SB Nation, he's entertaining the world on Twitter, where he created the #goacc hashtag. He's overly obsessed with pop culture references and post modernism. He has a healthy respect for punctuation and grammar rules, even if he chooses not to follow them.

Travis Hafner Will Haunt Your Dreams

Hold me, I'm scared.

Cleveland Cavaliers Hoping Patience In Free Agency Will Eventually Pay Off

When the time is right for the Cavs to make a move that will further their standing long-term and not just in the interim, they will.

Cleveland Browns Cornerbacks Come In At 16th In SB Nation Rankings

Cleveland comes in at 16th in the cornerback rankings, with a chance to bump up that spot a bit if young players like Buster Skrine can shine.

Dwight Howard is Hannah from Girls

The All-Star big man likes attention, and that's okay. But sooner or later until someone makes up their mind, if all you're doing is talking, people will start to tune you out. Don't think so? Just ask Lena Dunham's character from HBO's Girls.

On LeBron, The Heat And Turning The Corner

Now that it's over, and LeBron has his ring, Cleveland can finally turn the page.

Mario Chalmers is Jerry Gergich

He may not have a cube butt or paint centaurs, but the Heat's resident punching bag still bears a striking resemblance to Parks and Rec's tortured artist.

Fear The Sword And SB Nation Cleveland Talk Cavs' Fourth Pick In 2012 NBA Draft

SB Nation people like to talk to other SB Nation people. Here is one of those times, as we discuss the Cavs' chances at landing a star in the 2012 NBA Draft

Fourth Pick In The 2012 NBA Draft Will Say A Lot About Cavs' Future

If the Cavs are really looking to be another OKC, they will have to come close to matching the Thunder's picks of Westbrook and Ibaka at No. 4 and 24, the same spots the Cavs occupy in this year's draft. It starts with getting the fourth pick right.

Chris Perez Is Part Right, Part Wrong When It Comes To Cleveland Indians Fans

The Indians closer might not have been pragmatic in sounding off against Cleveland fans, but his comments give those in Northeast Ohio plenty to think about.

It's Time To Pay Attention To The Cleveland Indians

While the Indians continue to pile up early season wins, the only question now is, why don't more Cleveland fans care?

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.