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NFL Playoff Odds: Patriots Favorite To Win Super Bowl, Seahawks Huge Long-Shots

The Super Bowl odds are out and the New England Patriots are the favorites to win.

If the NFL Playoffs were a horse race, the Seattle Seahawks would be the longest of long-shots. The odds-makers have released their NFL Playoff Odds, and to no one's surprise the New England Patriots are the favorites to bring home their 4th Super Bowl trophy. They sit at 2/1, far and away the favorite. That doesn't mean much, however, since the Pats were the favorites in 2007 as well when they went 16-0 during the regular season.

On the other end are the Seattle Seahawks, who, at 7-9, are the first team with a losing record to participate in the tournament. At 100/1, the oddsmakers don't feel very confident that they'll be able to make a run, despite beating the St. Louis Rams last night to win the West. They face the New Orleans Saints on Saturday.

Here is a look at the odds, courtesy of

Odds to win Super Bowl XLV

New England Patriots 2/1

Atlanta Falcons 11/2

Pittsburgh Steelers 11/2

New Orleans Saints 10/1

Philadelphia Eagles 11/1

Baltimore Ravens 12/1

Chicago Bears 12/1

Green Bay Packers 12/1

Indianapolis Colts 14/1

New York Jets 20/1

Kansas City Chiefs 35/1

Seattle Seahawks 100/1

Odds to win the 2011 AFC

New England Patriots 5/6

Pittsburgh Steelers 3/1

Baltimore Ravens 7/1

Indianapolis Colts 10/1

New York Jets 11/1

Kansas City Chiefs 18/1

Odds to win the 2011 NFC

Atlanta Falcons 9/5

Chicago Bears 7/2

New Orleans Saints 4/1

Philadelphia Eagles 5/1

Green Bay Packers 6/1

Seattle Seahawks 50/1

Which Conference will the Super Bowl XLV Winner Come From?

AFC -165

NFC +135

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.