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2011 NFL Standings Update Week 6: Browns Find Themselves In Last Place After Bye Week

The Browns are on the bottom looking up in the AFC North

The Browns, even though having a bye last weekend, still "lost", as it were, when the Steelers and the Bengals both won to move to 3-2, thereby dropping Cleveland into last place in the AFC North.

The standings in the AFC North now look like this:

Baltimore Ravens 3-1-0 .750 Division- 1-0-0 Conference- 2-1-0

Cincinnati Bengals 3-2-0 .600 Division- 1-0-0 Conference- 3-1-0

Pittsburgh Steelers 3-2-0 .600 Division- 0-1-0 Conference- 2-2-0

Cleveland Browns 2-2-0 .500 Division- 0-1-0 Conference- 2-2-0


The Ravens are home this week to take on the Houston Texans (3-2). The Bengals entertain the Indianapolis Colts (0-5), while the Steelers are home to the Jacksonville Jaguars (1-4) and the Browns are on the West Coast to take on the Oakland Raiders (3-2).

Here is a link to the complete NFL Standings via Yahoo Sports.

And here is a link to all of the games in Week 6 in the NFL.

Keep checking back here weekly for updates to the North standings in the AFC, and then, when things begin to crystallize a bit more, we will begin to take a look at the "If team X beats team Y, these will be the repercussions for teams Z and A"

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.