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Cleveland Browns' Josh Cribbs Is Unhappy With His Role, According To Report

Josh Cribbs was on the verge of becoming a household name for the Cleveland Browns not all that long ago. The two-time Pro Bowler has watched his role diminish over the past couple of seasons, however, and he spoke out about it following Sunday's loss to the Oakland Raiders.

The Browns' speedster said that he'd rather be on all of the special teams if he's not going to be a top-option as a wide receiver on offense, according to a report from Fox Sports Ohio.

"I'm very insignificant on offense, so I need to be out there heavily on all special teams," Cribbs said after the game. "I got the ball only twice, so that's insignificant right there. Snaps, it's insignificant. I want to help my team win. You get the ball to your athletes. I feel like where I'm an asset on this team is special teams, and I want to refocus on what got me into this league."

Pat Shurmur, Cribbs' head coach, said that was certainly doable.

"Absolutely. I'll put him out there every play," he said. "I won't read his mind. I'll talk to him about it."

It's never good to have to hear players complain following a loss, but it seems Cribbs at least wants to do whatever it takes to make the Browns better -- and Shurmur seems okay with making that happen as well.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.