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Mike Holmgren Says Browns Are 'Absolutely' Committed To Colt McCoy ... If He Does Well

And Colt McCoy hasn't been doing so hot, which is what sparked the pointed words from head coach Pat Shurmur. On Thursday, team president Mike Holmgren wasn't quite as straightforward, but made his point clear: if McCoy doesn't quarterback the Browns to positive results (read: wins), they'll find someone else who will. 

"I know it's not healthy to change quarterbacks," Holmgren said at his Thursday news conference. "But you have to find that person. . . . Colt is just a pup. He's getting banged around out there. He will play this season and . . . we'll evaluate how he does at the end of the season. That's an important part of the equation."

"[McCoy] is a rookie [actually, a second-year player] with a new coach, new signal-caller, new system," Holmgren said. "Are we committed to him? Absolutely. Does it guarantee him the starting position? I want him to do well. Everyone's rooting for him."

I feel like we missed Holmgren telling McCoy to meet him in the other room, sealed with a kiss.

McCoy has completed 121-of-217 passes (55.8%) for 1,199 yards, eight touchdowns, and three interceptions this season. 

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.