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Week 8 NFL Power Rankings: ESPN Drops Browns Despite Win

The Cleveland Browns find themselves in an odd position: they're a team near the back-end of the power rankings who are actually dropping after a win. You'll see that happen on the top end, like when one of the top five struggles and barely ekes out a win in the final seconds against a team near the bottom of the list, but when it comes to said bottom, it's generally a "win and we move you up" situation. No such luck for the Browns, who were part of an awful, awful game against the Seattle Seahawks, which eventually ended in a 6-3 win for Cleveland.

ESPN dropped the Browns a point in their Week 8 NFL power rankings

24. Defensive coordinator Dick Jauron deserves credit for keeping the Browns in games. (Walker)    

That's a really nice way of saying "Colt McCoy, how in the world did you not put the football in the endzone?", but it is what it is. The Browns looked bad on offense, hilariously bad, but the defense made the Seahawks look an awful lot worse on offense, which led to the win. Still, it's odd to see them drop after that kind of defensive performance.

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