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Colt McCoy Injury: Mike Holmgren Clarifies Timeline

Cleveland Browns president Mike Holmgren addressed the media this morning to discuss the team's position on Colt McCoy's concussion suffered against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Holmgren stated that McCoy was not examined or tested for a concussion during last Thursday's game.

Holmgren's press conference was to clarify the situation, and he stated the Cleveland's doctors did not see the play where McCoy was injured. Holmgren called his training staff the best in football, but that he was troubled why the media was accusing his training staff of failing to evaluate McCoy properly. The trainers and doctors said McCoy was lucid and that he was complaining about a hand injury. They stated McCoy was coherent when they arrived, and while McCoy was on the bench the SCAT test was not administered.

Holmgren was adamant that the Browns staff followed protocol and did not administer concussion tests because of the way McCoy was acting on the sidelines. The trainers did not see the hit, and that McCoy had no indication of the concussion.

Holmgren also stated that the Browns met with the Player's Union and the union observer did not phone the bench because the trainers were already on the scene. He stated that it was not "business-as-usual" with the Browns concerning the issue.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.