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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and League Negotiator Jeff Pash Lower Salaries

From Andrew Brandt on Twitter:

During lockout combined salaries of Goodell and Pash $2. Combined salaries of #NFL players $0. Combined attorney fees: millions

It sounds like the commissioner was serious when he said he would be lowering his salary to one dollar, which he apparently has now officially done along with Jeff Pash. As Brandt points out, they will now be making a combined $2 while the NFLPA will not be making any money, but they all have plenty of money to pay for top of the line legal representation, and the news broke that they had hired some of the best in the business prior to announcing their lowered salaries.

Also, while it may be a bit humerus that these guys are lowering their salaries so significantly, Mike Florio at Pro Football Talk notes that salary cuts are no joking matter in the least:

But Goodell and Pash are far from the only ones: Everyone who works at the league office in New York, at NFL Films, at NFL Network and at is getting a 12 percent pay cut. Those folks make a lot less than $5 million a year.

It was also reported today that New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, his assistants, and the Jets’ front office were also facing a large pay decrease during this lockout.

This is only the beginning of what figures to be a long line of negative impact on the economical side of the NFL. Not only have players and coaches had to take pay decreases or worse, but the trickle effect will be catastrophic the longer it takes to get a deal done.

What happens to the workers at team pro shops, event staff, website operators, etc. will unfold in the coming months. One can only hope and pray that a deal gets done as soon as possible, because this business is much more than a game. For some, it puts food on the table and provides shelter. Without it, well, hopefully no one has to find out the hard way.

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