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EA Sports Debuts Madden '12 Cover Featuring Peyton Hillis

It's been just about a month since Peyton Hillis won the bracket style tournament to be featured on the next Madden cover. The guys at EA have been slaving over Photoshop since then, one would assume, and here is what they came up with. May I be the very first to present to you, the cover of Madden '12, featuring our very own Peyton Hillis.


Normally they just take a picture of a guy from a game and throw it on the cover, but it looks like they brought Hillis in for a photoshoot for this one. How else can you explain the eye contact he seems to be making with me no matter what angle I look at my computer screen. I think it makes it a little bit more creepy, but I'm ok with it I suppose. As long as we got the Hillis biceps, and we certainly have those.

There's also a nice shot of Cleveland to the right, and the stadium to the left. Good for them to get on the cover of a game like this, any little exposure helps. Now if we can just get this lockout lifted so that this videogame doesn't feature the only NFL football played this year, that would be a mighty big help.

Photographs by spatulated, Triple Tri, and chrischappelear used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.