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NFL Draft 2012: ESPN Poll Results Show Majority Think Browns Should Draft Robert Griffin III

The Cleveland Browns have been pegged as the team to draft Robert Griffin III with the No. 4 pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. Well, there are plenty of other teams like the Washington Redskins or Miami Dolphins, but those teams would have to trade with either the Minnesota Vikings or St. Louis Rams at picks two and three, and mock drafts traditionally do not include trades. So the Browns have been the team to draft him by fans and experts alike.

Although, perhaps including "fans" in that last sentence was a mistake. They're not as on-board with it as the National pundits seem to think. ESPN took a poll recently, asking the question: "Should the Browns draft Robert Griffin III with the fourth overall pick?" The results do favor "yes," but the percentages might actually surprise you.

The majority did answer "yes," but it was only 51 percent of the vote. Eight percent were undecided, while 41 percent of votes suggested that the Browns should use the pick on another player. This poll isn't asking whether or not the Browns are likely to be in a position to take Griffin, it's asking if they should do it if he's available. It's somewhat surprising to see so many opposed, but then again, Griffin is riding a lot of hype right now, and some might consider him to be of the flame-out variety.

Not to mention the other huge talent near the top of the draft at positions of need for the Browns.

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