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Jimmy Haslam comments on Mike Holmgren being replaced with Joe Banner

The departure of team president Mike Holmgren from the Cleveland Browns is now confirmed. New owner Jimmy Haslam confirmed in a press conference that Holmgren was to be replaced by former Philadelphia Eagles executive Joe Banner, and that Holmgren would continue to work with the organization until the end of the season. Haslam talked about what happened with Holmgren and the talks they had. It looks as though the parting of ways is mutual, given Holmgren's desire to have control over everything.

Mike has decided that with our becoming the owner, that his role would obviously change a lot. Mike was brought in to be the President, and I think, in a lot of ways, the de facto owner. With us coming in and taking a more active role, Mike has decided to, effective at the end of the year, to leave the Cleveland Browns and to retire. Mike will work very closely with us over the next three or four months to ensure that this transition goes as well as possible.

It's true that Holmgren came to Cleveland and was given most of the power. As team president, he oversaw ever aspect of the team and likely had a lot of input regarding the on-the-field product, as well. With Haslam looking to take on more of a hands-on role. Haslam also confirmed that Banner would be taking over as CEO/team president, effective Oct. 25.

Haslam said that Holmgren staying on is key, and him remaining for "three, three and a half months," will ensure a "seamless" transition. He also stated that this move will be the only personnel change that the team will be making "until the end of the season." Haslam followed that up by saying that he wasn't guaranteeing further changes once the offseason hit, either. As previously noted, general manager Tom Heckert is one who could be on his way out, though there aren't persistent rumors one way or the other at this time.

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