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Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III says no personnel decisions until after the season

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New owner Jimmy Haslam does not appear eager to make any personnel decisions until the Browns finish their 2012 slate.

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Even with his team already out to a poor 0-4 start, new Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam III does not plan to make any personnel decisions until the season wraps up, according to Jeff Schudel of The News-Herald.

Despite rumors that team president Mike Holmgren and head coach Pat Shurmur could be facing a possible mid-season review after Haslam takes over on Oct. 16, it appears that the new owner will let the 2012 campaign play out before making any rash decisions.

Haslam told FOX Business on Thursday that he is hardly pleased with the way the year has gone thus far, but he won't speak on any other personnel issues until he actually takes over the organization later this month:

"I don’t think anybody thinks 0-4 (is acceptable) and certainly Mike Holmgren and Pat Shurmur don’t think it is, and we don’t think it is," Haslam said. "We don’t officially own the team yet, and we’ve said all along that we’re not going to make any comments on personnel until after we own the team. That’s in about two weeks. And candidly we’ll be halfway through the football season then, so any personnel decisions we’d make would be made toward the end of the year."

Even though Haslam is reportedly looking to move former Eagles president Joe Banner into Holmgren's role at some point, the 0-4 start certainly doesn't bode well for Shurmur's future with the team, either. After a 4-12 campaign in his first year with the Browns, Shurmur may need to show some semblance of improvement in order to be retained under Haslam's new regime.

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