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Former Browns RB Jerome Harrison dealing with post-tumor seizures

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs recently revealed that former Browns running back Jerome Harrison is battling post-brain tumor seizures.

Gregory Shamus - Getty Images

When discussing his own concussion history after a recent vicious hit to the head, Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Cribbs revealed that former Browns running back Jerome Harrison is dealing with a scary bout of post-brain tumor seizures (via

"She [Cribbs' wife, Maria] wants me to be seen by another specialist," he said. "She wants me to get a CAT scan, especially with what happened to [former Browns running back Jerome Harrison, who had a brain tumor removed]. I still go over to his house every now and then and talk to him. He's doing pretty bad. He's in and out of the hospital with seizures. They just don't want the same thing to happen to me."

Cribbs was knocked out cold in Week 4 against the Baltimore Ravens. It was the third major blow to his head in his career, and his family worries that he'll suffer a similar fate to Harrison if he's not careful.

Harrison played a little over four seasons with the Browns before getting dealt to the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010. In the summer of 2011, he signed with the Detroit Lions, but failed his physical when doctors found the brain tumor.

Harrison's football career is almost certainly over, but now we just have to hope that he can live the rest of his life without major problems. Head injuries are always a scary thing, so hopefully things turn out okay.

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