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Browns QB Brandon Weeden responds to CEO's criticism

Cleveland Browns CEO Joe Banner questioned whether or not Brandon Weeden is Cleveland's quarterback of the future -- and the rookie quarterback fired back.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden fired back after receiving criticism from Cleveland CEO Joe Banner. Banner questioned whether or not Weeden, who the Browns selected in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, is the organization's quarterback of the future.

"I think lost in all this is I'm a rookie," Weeden said Wednesday. "I'm still playing teams for the first time. I'm still seeing things for the first time. I'm making a lot of mistakes I'm making for the first time. I'm not a nine- or 10-year veteran. I think some people might lose track of that sometimes. I've got to play better. I know that. I'm not a moron."

Weeden has certainly struggled in his rookie season, completing just 185-of-336 passes (55.1%) for 2,088 yards, while throwing nine touchdowns against 12 interceptions. Weeden has also fumbled once.

Despite being a rookie, Weeden is already 29 years old, which is typically considered in the middle of a professional athlete's prime. Weeden's age, however, makes him a unique case, and difficult to project going forward. Weeden's professional athletic career began in 2002, when he was drafted by the New York Yankees. Injuries and poor performance eventually led to Weeden retiring from baseball in 2006 before enrolling at Oklahoma State in 2007.

Since the Browns will not make the playoffs in 2012, Weeden will have seven more games this season to showcase his abilities and prove to Banner and the Cleveland organization that he is the quarterback of the future.

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