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NFL odds Week 11: Browns vs. Cowboys

The Cleveland Browns are the underdogs to the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11, by as much as a nine points.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Dallas Cowboys are hardly the gold standard for consistency in the NFL, but they're still the betting favorites on Sunday against the Cleveland Browns. According to, the betting lines opened up with Dallas favored to win by a touchdown, but they've moved further in their favor, with one site having them favored by nine points, and with all of them at least having moved on to seven and a half points.

There's plenty of factors as to why the Browns aren't the favorites here. The most telling, perhaps, is the fact that the Browns have lost 11 straight road games. On top of that, they are sitting at 2-7 on the season, while the Cowboys have managed to win four games and are hoping to make it to 4-5.

But again, this one is still pretty wide open. Teams have been favored by a lot more than seven points when it comes to games against the Browns this season. Cleveland's defense has played up to its opponents, and Dallas doesn't exactly have the greatest offense. The over/under for this game is right around 43 points, and the under might just be the smart bet given the offenses at work.

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