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T.J. Ward fined for hit in Browns loss to Cowboys

Cleveland Browns safety T.J. Ward was fined $25,000 for a hit that concussed both Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree and Browns defensive back Buster Skrine.


Cleveland Browns safety T.J. Ward was fined $25,000 by the league on Wednesday after knocking Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Kevin Ogletree out of the game in the fourth quarter, giving the wide receiver a concussion.

Ward's hit also caused Ogletree's head to collide with Browns defensive back Buster Skrine's head, giving Skrine a concussion as well.

Ward, though, wasn't happy with the fine -- and didn't think his hit that caused two concussions was dirty.

"It's not fair," Ward said of the fine. "Maybe if I tried to celebrate or something afterwards, I could see it. But I thought it was a clean, fair hit and I walked away. It's not my fault. He was falling as I went to hit him."

Ward is planning to appeal the fine.

Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed was successful earlier this week, and he had his one-game suspension taken away and his fine reduced. Reed was originally fined and suspended for a helmet-to-helmet hit he levied on Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Ward is a repeat offender, and had previously been fined in 2010 for a hit on then-Bengals wide receiver Jordan Shipley.

For a league that is stressing concussion safety, it seems unlikely that Ward's fine will be reduced -- though after Reed's punishment was softened, Ward does stand a reasonable chance of success.

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