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Browns' Pat Shurmer at a loss to explain timeout mismanagement

Speaking after the team's loss, Browns coach Pat Shurmur was at a loss for words when trying to explain his recent timeout management.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Cleveland Browns dropped to 2-7 on Sunday afternoon after losing 25-15 to the Baltimore Ravens, but the way they lost may as painful as the ultimate result. After needing five straight field goals to come back and take a 15-14 lead in the fourth quarter, the Browns promptly blew the lead, and the game, a few minutes later.

In a game that the Browns easily could have won, a few key mistakes proved to particularly painful. Beyond the team's ability to get into the end zone -- the team got into the red zone four times and settled for four field goals -- Cleveland also called some seriously questionable timeouts at inopportune times.

Speaking with Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland on Monday, Browns coach Pat Shurmur discussed the timeouts, but he didn't have much to say:

I can't tell you exactly. I know exactly why. There were a couple situations getting the right people in the game, getting the play to the quarterback in a timely fashion and then him calling it properly. That's the string of events. A couple times that didn't get done. And I[m absolutely responsible. We'll make changes here and I'll streamline some of the things.

The Browns spent two first round picks on offensive players this year, but they're currently just 19th in passing offense and 27th in rushing offense roughly midway through the season. Young players are often works in progress, but Shurmur will need to get things together somewhat soon.

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